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If you have any kind of mental fears like heat phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders then our healing techniques can prove to be highly effective to alleviate those ailments.  These novel techniques are applied to overcome various issues in your life, including love, health, money ,relationship , etc in your office and personal space, and also reverse the effect of  vaastu disorders, evil curse on your personal life as well as people near and dear to you.  We help you overcome all of those and heal your mind and soul through the simple, proven, concise and effecient techniques.

Grand Master Sumant Kant Kaul, a leading name in the field of Spiritual Sciences  is the founder of Karma Kundalini Yog Breakthrough and  organizations like International Healing Foundation and India International Healing Institute. He and his team of practitioners  and Teachers have taught this novel method of alternative medicine and healing to thousands in the world and are  committed to the task of spreading the wonders of this method of thetahealing through the simple art of meditation. Grand Master Sumeet Kant Kaul, Official Ambassador, and Representative of ThetaHealing in India & UAE, M.H.T., P.L.R.T, L.B.L.R.T as been a recurring name in the field of Healing modalities and their unbelievable benefits and has often been to various parts of the world to create awareness about the various aspects of healing. Kaul has learned this art of  Love, Health & Wealth Life Breakthrough, Karma Kundalini Yog Breakthrough, N.L.P., Hypnosis, Life Between Life Regression, ThetaHealing by traveling across the world spanning Japan, Australia, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, New Zealand, and Auckland. He has traveled far and wide to spread the wonders of this science to New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, New Jersey. He has also been teaching this technique in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut in Lebanon. 

In India the believers and followers of the Institute of Grand Master Sumant Kaul  have spread the awareness of thetahealing through meditation across Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, New Delhi, Calcutta and Nagpur. Grand Master Sumant Kaul has taken up the mission to help people learn this art and technique in Thailand, Malaise, China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. 

  ThetaHealing® Karma Breakthrough                                           

Duration:  4 days
This seminar was created by Sumant Kant Kaul. In this seminar we will learn the
secrets of Law of Karma. According to the Spiritual Law of Karma,  mindsets that we bring into this lifetime are our karma. Its principles,  its effects and also how to 
manage it spiritually with Exercises leading to activation of Prana Kundalini are shared in this seminar. When our Kundalini is open it leads to  Divine accumulation of Divine Wealth, Optimum Health and Love leading to   wonderful family life. 
                             Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing  

                              Date     - 29th August 2015 to 1st September 2015

                              Time     -   29 & 30th Aug 9am-5pm & 31st Aug & 1st Sept 5pm -10pm                                  Seminar Investment:

                              Deposit         : 160.00 USD (Non- Refundable) to be Paid to think
                             Seminar Fee : 500.00 USD to be paid to Trainer

                             Total             : 660.00 USD  


  Translation  Available in Japanese (???), Russian (P??????) for an additional  25.00 USD per day 

                                                   Why attend Karma Breakthrough?

SUMANT KANT KAUL , the Modern Philosopher who has pioneered  in the field
(concepts & techniques]
This consequence of this  law is called KARMA PHAL[ FRUIT OF KARMA] in Sanskrit the ancient language of  sages of and now is popularly known as LAW OF KARMA    
Sumant Kaul Founder of ART OF SUCCESS - Karma Kundalini Kriya Healing popularly know as K3 YOG  and  Karma Breakthrough the techniques which has lighted many peoples life towards their ultimate truth.   
    Are you Ready to meet the founders of K3 Yog Seminar?   
First Time in the History of United States of America. Introducing 
KARMA BREAKTHROUGH -THE ART OF SUCCESS Seminars, Join us  to meet & learn directly from                                                    
 Sumant Kaul & Mr. Sumeet Kaul.
Born & brought up in India's Ancient & Most sought Spiritual Kingdom of Kashmir in Shaivic Brahman family,practiced in the concepts & techniques of Laws of the Universe from the age of 6. [How his mother made him practice - a must hear interesting story] this helped him to abide by all Laws and thereby create and attract - Most compatible Soulmate ; Business success ; Wealth Success ; Good health & awesome family life.
In his Seminars he teaches what he practices in his personal life. You will learn How to use the abundance available in the Universe for yourself & also teach others.   
He teaches one can be a Monk yet be 
abundant & wealthy buy his Ferrari, Rolex & have a
wonderful, loving soulmate & 
Family by
Practising KARMA BREAKTHROUGH.      
Wealth earned through  right means.because if you choose to distribute wealth to help the needy, for charity , for education and to build hospitals  you should know how to create it. 
You are not here to renounce anything ,you are here to create divine love and abundance  and to achieve your divine purpose but not be attached to the results.The results will come on its own, YOU DO YOUR BEST KARMA.    
 Ready to abide by the Laws of the Universe and Request them to change your Life?   
 Sumant Kaul Says, '' The moment any Law of the Universe comes in your life, Your Life will change the way you want and also beyond your imagination.''   
Are you Really Ready for the BIGGER SHIFT in your Life??


                                                 Know your Facilitators


SUMANT KANT KAUL, & Sumeet Kaul Mht, Lblrt, Plrt, NLPT,Cert of Science  are  the Founder of Karma Kundalini Kriya Yog ,Karma Breakthrough, Love, Health and Wealth Breakthrough and Create Wealth, Abundance through Law of Magnetism, four very powerful techniques when learnt together impact in changing people’s life  and negative Karma instantly as the person realises what they have been doing till now to sabotage themselves and  they have a choice to CHANGE INSTANTLY.

 Sumant served as an teacher to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and many of them have been leaders of National and International Luminaries of  importance, Business Czars. He is  an authority on the psychology of Marketing innovations, Peace Strategies, Love, brotherhood, leadership, negotiations, organisational turnaround, and Hi-tech peak performance. His NGO International Healing Foundation  provides support and assistance to  needy, education for girl child, food for the poorest of poor senior citizens.
Sumant kaul has impacted  lives of  millions of people directly and indirectly in  more than 30 countries with his  wonderful techniques. His quest for helping and supporting people is inborn.

He is the Chairman of  8 successful companies and gives lecture all over the world.His Journal book Monk with a Rolex is one of the most sought out Journal of how you can be pure as a saint and yet be rich and enjoy the earthly things  with love, peace, honor and gratitude and WONDERFUL FAMILY.

Credentials of Sumeet and Sumant Kaul

  • Founder,K3Yog,Karma Breakthrough
  • Member American Board of NLP
  • Chairman and Managing Director of   8  successful Engineering,Telecom Companies 
  • Member International Regression and Research Therapy
  • They are Electronics and Communication Engineer and Mechanical Engineer respectively
  • Master Hypnotist &Clinical ; Hypnotherapy Trainer
  • Past life repressionist therapist and Trainer
  • Life between lives repressionist therapist and Trainer
  • Senior Master thetahealer and Certificate of Science
  • Member National Guild of Hypnotist 
 Sumeet  was invited to present his paper before a conglomeration  of ThetaHeallers in Santa Monica, US by Vianna Stibal
In his presentation, he discussed how he healed diseases like cancer, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, , smoke cessation, phobias, O.C.D, schizophrenia, traumas, abuse issues, hypothyroidism, arthritis, . 
They are an amazing blend of SPIRITUAL & SCIENTIFIC knowledge of the father-son a. He is the modern age teacher who utilises the power of pure and positive thought-intent through the Creator of All That Is and will teach you this in his courses.










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